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Venice water limousine service Body Guards

You might probably need just a elegant person to be with you during your recreations, someone who knows how to keep your road clean from so-called admirators or other bothering people, and of course we can satisfy your request with disciplined men, looking like your valets but ready to show serious faces at your command.

Venice water limousine service, as a matter of facts, offers a highly professional bodyguard service.
Most of our agents were trained in the Special Corps, serving for years before deciding to find a more satisfactory career, employing their skills in the sector of personal defense.

The owner and Director of the agency dr. Roberto Dotto, indeed, was himself a Captain in the Italian Navy's "ComSubIn", a Marine Corp better known between the U.S. Marines as "The Precursors", 'cause their disciplines were taken in exemplum to set up the training courses of the U.S. Marine Navy Seal Corp.

Captain Dotto, disgusted from the lack of respect for the Army people demonstrated by Italian so-called politicians, left the active service in 1998 and took over the water limousine enterprise of his father: he has brought it to a wider welfare, tieing joint venture with jets and helicopters Companies. Applying his own Army experience to the civil life, he has selected for Vwls a formidable team of personal defence specialists.

Be sure that our body guards are here to help you at any level of your engagements, from the elegant shopping in a crowdy Hong Kong Alley to the safeguarding of your life whenever your business might take you in dangerous Countries or circumstances.

So please keep in mind that, whenever you might need to go to Hell, we are ready to escort you there.

If it happens instead that you feel worthy of a sip of Paradise, we are masters in handling that bottle!